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Who Does What...

& How your Materials will be used



What she does >
  • Your Stylist figures out what outfits best suit you personally and professionally.  Your first step before a photo shoot.
What she needs from you >
  • Open-mindedness, possible access to your closet, and very likely, a shop trip.
  • Click below for the Ultimate guide to style tips for men and women, courtesy Julie Gerstein of for Women | for Men [saved html versions]


What she does >
  • Your Publicist pitches you to print, radio, and TV media, and she may do social media. She woos the journalists for coverage.
What she needs from you >
  • She needs a short bio for press releases – she has limited space. 
  • She needs it Word, not a PDF (which is not copy-able), nor cut/pasted from your site.  She needs to edit it slightly to appear locally written.
  • Articles!  She needs quick access to any press, to entice journalists to interview you.  It gives her a sense of your personality, too.
  • Photos! She wants editorial photos (casual, less contrived-looking, as if a magazine photographer took them) to supply to blogs, newspaper and magazines. Formal publicity photos are, confusingly, rarely used in actual publicity; they’re used in house programmes.  They should be avoided in social media.


What she does >
  • The Marketing Manager generates the advertisements in print, radio, television, and online.  She may also do social media, ie, maintain the presenter’s Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. She may also create brochures outlining the upcoming concert season. Sales reps from the media woo her to buy ad space.
What she needs from you >
  • She wants clean, professional, high-res photos with a clear background.  When she adds concert and ticket info, sponsor logos, and box office info, the ad gets busy very quickly.  Both publicity stills and editorial photos are considered by the marketing manager. 
  • She wants to see your quote sheet, as a positive quote from a journalist is placed at the top of an ad.  She wants professional level music sound bytes ready to go, for radio ads. If you have B-roll (short video clips of you in action), fantastic – that’ll be used for the electronic sign outside the venue, or TV ads.  YouTube links are handy, so she can check out your act, and have a better sense of it, in order to sell it. 


What she does >
  • The House Program Editor gathers everything you see in the programme handed out at the concert. Ie, bios, photos, sponsor logos, repertoire lists, ad placement, etc. 
  • She is also responsible for programme inserts that are purchased in advance by another performing arts group, or creates last-minute inserts in the case of a replacement artist, or repertoire change.
What she needs from you >
  • She is very stressed because people don’t respect her deadlines.
  • She needs the publicity photo for your bio page.  A close up head shot is ideal.  If you have a fabulous vertical photo, it could make the cover of the house programme.
  • She needs your short bio, as many house programs have limited space.  It must be in Word, because she has strict formatting guidelines, (classical music is full of particular formatting – italicizing vs. quote marks, etc.) and there are spelling differences between Canada and US for her to edit.


What she does >
  • She maintains the presenter website, and must update it regularly.  She sends e-blasts to hundreds of ticket buyers. She may do social media.
What she needs from you >
  • She needs terrific horizontal photos suitable for the presenter’s website. 
  • She may use head shots for your specific concert page on the website. 
  • Press quotes may be used to sell your concert, too. 
  • Most presenters include programme notes for the public to download and study in advance; again, this is where your short bio will be used.
  • A great video or YouTube link may be sent out to thousands of subscribers or single ticket buyers to entice them to purchase. Keep your video to 3 minutes or less.

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