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Keeping things positive .... making friends on Twitter and meeting "Your Morning" fans on CTV
[CTV Your Morning show, August 24, 2020

When Liz Tweets theme music to CTV, this happens...
[CTV Your Morning show, October 15, 2019]

Fit at Fifty, July 3 2019 - Zoomer Radio Podcast

"From our sister station, The New Classical FM, Liz Parker and her fitness trainer Kenyla Ly are in the Fight Back studio today. They are here to talk about keeping healthy at 50 by developing body strength. Jane Brown is filling in for Libby Znaimer.

This month, Liz turns 50 years old. As a gift to herself, she has committed to one year of personal training, which she signed up for in June of 2018. She also discovered how similar it is to her training as a classical pianist.

Through her forties, Liz experienced a slow down of her metabolism, sore joints and a foreshadowing of the aging process. Kenyla’s guidance and coaching has improved her quality of life. The message is simple: it’s possible to stay fit at 50 and beyond." Link to podcast page

Shayne Gray Photography - Photo Shoot with pianist Heidi Wall
Liz Parker, stylist - Ivy Lam, hair & makeup

Canadian League of Composers - Guest Speaker Liz Parker, Stylist and Branding Consultant
Session for emerging composers, October, 2018

Pure Garbage Podcast

Client Publicity

The Wholenote, July - Sept 2012: Gryphon Trio photos styled by LIZPR
IMAGE 1 | IMAGE 2] [Full article PDF]
Photo: Air'leth Aodhfin | Concept: Uno Ramat | Stylist: LIZPR
Gryphon Trio members Roman Borys, Jamie Parker, and Annalee Patipatanakoon pose at Sugar Beach, Toronto, for a cover shoot and article about their lives as musicians and artistic directors.

Feature Article: "2 Pianos 4 Hands... Bringing It Home" (publicized by LIZPR)
[Download PDF]
Wholenote, November 2011

Feature Article about Nagata Shachu drummers: "Heartbeat of Japan"
[View IMAGE]
[Download PDF]
(publicized by LIZPR)
Toronto SUN, November 5, 2010

Feature Article about Canadian Children's Opera Company: "The Secret World of Og"
[Read as WEBPAGE]

(publicized by LIZPR) Toronto Star, May 5, 2010

Interview with flutist Susan Hoeppner: "Mentor Memories"
(image from LIZPR photo shoot)
[View IMAGE] [Download PDF]
Music Matters: The official newsletter for music teachers, Sept - Oct 2010

Article about Laura Whalen, soprano
[View IMAGE] [Download PDF]
(image from LIZPR photo shoot)
Where Edmonton, March/April 2009

Article about Duo Concertante
[View IMAGE] [Download PDF]
(image from LIZPR photo shoot)
The Star Phoenix (Saskatoon), January 2010


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