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AKA: It's my horn and I'll toot if I want to!

“The somewhat demoralized Toronto Symphony … had the sagacity to hire the young and innovative firebrand Liz Parker as Public Relations Manager - definitely a step in the right direction.”
Lara St. John
Proud Canadian with a wicked sense of humour


Peter Oundjian, conductor“When I started working with Liz at the Toronto Symphony in September of 2004, it was immediately clear to me that here was a person with exceptional energy, imagination, and commitment to her own special brand of excellence. She was quick, efficient, and paid attention to the little things - bringing lunch and snacks on a long day of interviews, or choosing outfits that would photograph well for print. She art directed my photo shoots, as well as TSO group shots - getting over 80 musicians to sit still is no easy task. Liz even thought to have me stand left of the podium - to avoid a staple landing in my face for a brochure centrefold! Please watch the film ‘Five Days in September’, in which she appears frequently as my ‘co-star.’”
Peter Oundjian
Music Director, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Principal Guest Conductor, Detroit Symphony Orchestra


“Liz Parker is undoubtedly the best publicist the Vancouver Symphony has ever had. It was a considerable loss when she left. Certainly she was the best I've ever worked with as Music Critic for the Vancouver Sun.“
Lloyd Dykk
Critic, The Vancouver Scene


Lynne McMurtry, mezzo-soprano

“Liz first styled me for my grad recital from UBC back in ’91! Years later, with a finely tuned mix of support, advice and sheer nagging, she convinced me to get a high-quality set of promotional photos, and she made it easy. She guided me through every single detail: the photographer, the looks I wanted, choice of clothes, accessorizing from her personal collection, and keeping an eye on my hair, make-up and wardrobe during the shoot. I ended up with some great photos and my agent uses them as an example of how to do photos right!
Lynne McMurtry
Mezzo Soprano
Faculty & Founding Member, Vancouver International Song Institute
Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice, State University of New York College at Fredonia


"Liz is one of the best publicists I have worked with! I met her in 2004 when she was the publicist for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and I was host of a talk show at TVOntario. She was always organized, efficient and professional. I knew the guests would be on time and prepped - she's an absolute stickler for detail. Oh, and did I mention, she has a wicked sense of humour?!?”
Mary Ito
Host, Fresh Air, CBC Radio 1


Jon Kimura Parker“By virtue of having the same musical training that I did, Liz has a rich understanding of music, and an insight into the needs of musicians. Liz anticipates everything! She has a unique capacity to visualize any situation, and work out what should happen before it happens. Liz has multiple contacts in the music world, and is gifted with one-on-one with a media contact, or dealing with crowd control: she once turned what would have been a chaotic autograph signing in Vancouver into a smoothly streamlined event."
Jon Kimura Parker
Officer of the Order of Canada
Concert Pianist
Professor of Piano, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University


“I met Liz Parker in 1996...she was publicizing my concerts with the Vancouver Symphony, and we also worked together in Toronto. Besides being my "go to girl" in Canada…she goes way beyond the call of duty. Like asking her to change my CD signing from post-concert to intermission...with five minutes notice. Like running errands for me not in her job description. Like getting me through a crowd of hundreds in seconds.... without injuring or offending anyone. Like coming backstage to say hi for moral support. Like making me laugh to ease the pre-concert tension. Like politely but efficiently weeding out the weirdos in the crowd and protecting the artist.”
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg
Founder, NSS Music Label
Music Director, New Century Chamber Orchestra


Susan Hoeppner, flute

“The firecracker that is Liz Parker became a friend of mine in 2001, and we connected over a lively chat about shoes. Three years later I booked a photo shoot and wanted Liz there. She has an eye for things; a foresight to see way beyond the ‘now’. I’m thinking, ‘I hope these pictures turn out,’ whereas Liz is thinking, ‘How will they be used? For a house program? For a CD cover? A poster?’, and she directs accordingly. When I had a concert for a Renée Fleming recital in 2004, Liz promptly updated my bio to deadline and calmly suggested what I should wear for such a prestigious event.”
Susan Hoeppner
Soloist/Chamber Musician/Faculty of Music, at the University of Toronto
Yamaha Canadian Performing Artist


"If you want break-through in the dense babble of the media marketplace, Liz Parker's is the voice that shines above all others: the freshest, the funniest, the most original, the most trusted, full of her life-force personality. The day brightens when we hear from her; our anti-publicist's defenses dissolve in welcome. She's simply the jewel of her profession."
Eric Friesen
Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster

Teng Li

“When I started at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as the Principal Violist in September of 2004, I was fresh out of school – and it showed. Liz wrote a snappy press release about my TSO debut as soloist, and improved my image to suit my new role as a professional musician, and as Principal. During my photo shoot, she kept saying the funniest things to make me laugh!”
Teng Li
Principal Violist, Toronto Symphony Orchestra


“In 1996 I interviewed Liz for the position of Communications Manager for the Vancouver Symphony. I hired her on the spot. Liz brought a donation of $500 from her brother, Jon Kimura Parker to the job interview. This girl does not miss a step. The VSO received more publicity during her tenure than any other time in its history. The musicians and guest artists loved her. She met them at the airport, escorted them to interviews, (she woke up at 4 AM to coordinate a live radio interview to the UK with Sir Yehudi Menuhin), and got them through crowds for CD signings. From Isaac Stern (she absolutely charmed this illustrious musician) and Yo-Yo Ma to Yefim Bronfman and Emanuel Ax, Liz left no stone unturned when it came to accommodating their schedules and requirements.”
Diane Robinson
Executive Director, Parkinson Society British Columbia
(former Director of Marketing, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra)


“Liz is an ‘idea person’ and ‘get-it-done person’ all rolled into one energetic package! At the TSO, she promoted several of my solo appearances with the orchestra. She took time out of her schedule to hand out promotional materials at a recital I gave at University of Toronto. It was a small audience – clearly not a crowd big enough to be worth Liz’s efforts – yet she was there before, during, and after the recital exuding positive and cheerful energy. Leave the mechanics of promotion to Liz.”
Michael Sweeney
Principal Bassoonist, Toronto Symphony Orchestra


John Wong, percussion

“I used to dread being asked for my bio or photos. I would always have to scramble to get something together, so I decided to get in touch with Liz . She fired off all these questions to complete my bio, and although I did get a little nervous when she suggested a proper photo shoot (I am one of those people guilty of "having a friend who takes great pictures”), she put me at ease. We met several times to discuss the steps, and she came over to coordinate some outfits. For the shoot, she brought snacks and energetic music for me to jump around to, and she convinced me to deliver a marimba to the studio. Now I love it when people ask me for my bio and pictures, because I’m all set!”
John Wong
Percussion Faculty, Royal Conservatory of Music







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